Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Treasure's Found

Ever since my first flea market purchase, a set of cobalt blue pressed glass dishes $10.00, at age 16, I have loved treasure hunting.  Our old house was too far out in the country for me to indulge in this passion, so I settled for biweekly flea market trips. Recently a new F.M opened and I was pleasantly surprised. Prices varied-some too much and others more reasonable. Some really great booths. Three booths that i especially liked were one with only antiques, one-shabby chic, and one with primitives. I'll have to get some photos because these booth owners really knew something about display.
I purchased the candy machine to paint black and add Halloween candy-$7.00
The dog will be part of a new collection of dog figurines-$3.00
The shells are for use in some decorating projects for my new living room-$4.90
Crown-Someone in blogland redid one of these and I loved it, so I will redo this one-$1.25
Gold Frame-I can't decide if I want to paint this black for a fall vignette or White for my shabby chic bedroom-$5.00
Bowl-last month I bought a set of plate, cups & saucers in this pattern in another town. AMAZING that I found this.-$4.95.
(If anyone knows the maker or name of this pattern PLEASE let me know.  There are no marks on the bottom)
**This patter is Blue Twig  by Taylor Smith & Taylor

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