Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIY Wedding for under $2,000

My eldest daughter recently got married. With only one month and very little money, this was a major DIY project. We knew it had to be a small wedding. She already knew her colors-Purple and Green.  As we searched for local places to have the ceremony, it became clear that the couple wanted an outdoor wedding. Grandma to the rescue-invited us to use her front yard which faces a very pretty lake and had a huge covered carport (in case of rain). The date was set for the beginning of September. Our concerns and prayers about the weather (100 degrees recently) were answered with a cool front that made it a perfect day.  We decided on a BBQ reception, and the work began.
Step 1: (How did we do anything before the internet?) We scoured the internet for ideas. We googled DIY weddings, BBQ weddings, Purple and Green Weddings. I created a file for photos of ideas we might be able to use and a favorites file for sites to come back too.
We found this photo:

found on
What a fantastic idea! I loved that the silverware and napkin and glass are all there-perfect for a buffet.
We also decided to use mason jars for the centerpieces.  Much of the wedding theme came from the mason jars-Something Simple Made Elegant.

We later decided to rent tables and here's our end result:

The wedding was at Sunset and when the candles were lit everything looked so beautiful and guests said they really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. We didn't have arranged seating, if we had and had another month, we would have added tags with twine to the jars.
Other ways we saved money- by renting a wedding gown rather than owning one. A relative took over the BBQing duties. We did the food ourselves. We set up a photo download table and had a wedding photo scavenger hunt. (We really did get some great photos)
Here's the Happy Couple:

I hope you found this interesting and helpful enough to check out future blog postings on what we created for the wedding.
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  1. Good for you! I really think weddings have gotten so out of hand these days. Everyone thinks the next wedding has to top the next wedding, and on and on. I especially despise weddings that are done on "borrowed" money - why would you want to go into debt before starting a new life? Good luck to the happy couple and congratulations to the new mother-in-law!

  2. As a retired professional wedding planner, I applaud you for figuring out how much you had to spend and then doing the work to stick within those set parameters! The idea about the flatware and napkin in the Mason jars is just adorable!!! I will have to use that idea in the future! Congratulations to your daughter, her new husband, and both families!

  3. This is delightful! Weddings are so over the top now. Something sweet and simple is often so much more meaningful. I thing the mason jar idea is just great. Congratulations!

  4. Your table for the wedding celebration is lovely. The newlyweds looks very happy and relaxed...a sure that sign that the wedding planner (you) did something right. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  5. Amazing awesome...

    Pretty bride & groom too...

    Hope they'll live happy ever after.


    Happy Friday,