Saturday, October 2, 2010

DIY-Wedding Vignettes

There seems to be a lot of DIY brides using vignettes for their guest tables, etc. I found these on the web:

They inspired the one we used:
Almost everything here was in my garage--projects awaiting their turn to be remade into wonderful things. The guest table sits in a small porch on my mother's house and the screen made a great background and hid the door. This looked a little bare so I added potted plants under the easels...much better (but no pics). The screen came from a favorite thrift shop $15. We removed the tapestry fabric and trim, painted it with leftover white and blue spray paint. Since we lacked time i used lace and sheer panels from thrift shops $7. for all strung on twine and tied to screen frame. Almost all the items on the table came from good will $.45-3.00, except the lace scarf which came from the Bride's Grandmother's piano. The Table was a thrift shop find $10. 
We already had the 2 easels from 4-H competitions. The frames were new from Hobby Lobby on sale 2 for $30. The scrollwork was hand cut from self adhesive vinyl (time consuming). I wanted to cut these with my cricut but didn't have time to play with the design. Here is where it came from:
You may have recognized this famous Bride...Chelsea (nee) Clinton.
We used two one for engagement photo and one for ketubah (wedding contract).
Other items we made for this were the banner-from burlap, fabric and vinyl letters cut with cricut and twine, Fan programs-created from instructions found on web, Manilla tags printed with Photo Scavenger Hunt lists. The silver frame contains the instructions.

This was one of my top favorites of things we created and I think it set a tone for the rest of the wedding.

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